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Glue glue dispensing machine

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Glue glue dispensing machine is a special glue dispensing equipment, can perform work can also perform glue dispensing work, in order to achieve the best glue viscosity, usually use high viscosity two-component glue as adhesive glue spraying fluid, after after the object in the application of further.
Large automatic glue machine
The dispensing equipment is mainly used in the LED industry and some electronic components industry, glue dispensing work with can perform high quality, large area valve can also be coated with glue by injection through the high sensitivity of the motion control platform can directly to objects strong glue, support the two-component glue mixing ratio there are a lot of high ratio can support 1:1 to 10:1, to perform multi axis dispensing work by mechanical arm motion sensitive dispensing, the high strength of the stepper motor and drive the work and make the glue more uniform, more accurate alignment, better dispensing.
Longmen type automatic glue machine
Glue glue dispensing machine through the barrel mixing system can control the two-component glue accurate proportion, through the barrel stirring system makes the two-component glue evenly reaction, bubbles can not occur such as glue, can help the two-component glue used in the best working condition. Transport hose is mainly for Teflon hose, the two-component glue is not easy to be blocked in the dispensing pipe, help the user to maximize the material utilization, directly help users save the cost of material consumption.
CNC floor type automatic spraying machine
Glue glue dispensing machine in addition to the use of two-component glue glue, glue can be used very much, including the various properties of the colloidal fluid, epoxy resin, polyurethane glue, glue and other commonly used, can also be used as red glue, UV and other special glue, is a high practical automatic dispensing equipment.