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Desktop spray dispenser for standard 331 aircraft

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Desktop spray dispensing machine is a simplified version of the visual spray dispensing machine. It demolishes the visual inspection system and some accessories that have little impact and becomes a desktop dispensing machine. Although the performance has been reduced, the dispensing accuracy has not been improved. It still has high-precision dispensing performance, but the price has been greatly reduced. Making a desktop spray dispenser is between fifty thousand and 80 thousand.
Gap between visual dispensing machine and three axis dispensing machine
喷射式点胶机 Non-punctuation dispensing machine price is higher than some standard dispensing machine, similar to desktop spray dispensing machine, but also belongs to a non-punctuation equipment, generally manufacturers have demand for production, this is non-standard, the choice of desktop spray dispensing machine is generally required for high-precision dispensing industry, and spray dispensing machine Can achieve 0.01 mm dispensing precision, small industries using visual spray dispensing machine is not cost-effective, using three-axis dispensing machine can not dispensing, you can choose desktop spray dispensing machine, dispensing precision is similar to visual dispensing machine, but less flexibility.
Definition of standard dispensing machine
Desktop dispensing machine is to create a standard type of machine, the standard machine generally has a prescribed type, such as 331, 221, 441, 551, and so on, so the proportion is a standard size, but the large dispensing machine is basically not, so the mainframe is basically not a standard machine, are regarded as non-punctuation equipment, now in the production Desktop spray dispensing machine is basically a standard accessories, although can no longer use paint for chain coloring, but still very able to carry out high-precision dispensing, which is the characteristics of spray dispensing machine.
标准型喷射式点胶机 Advantages of using 331 machines
Spray dispensing machine is made of 331 standard model, just to meet some of the high-precision dispensing industry, but also let each dispensing industry have a high-precision dispensing equipment, desktop spray dispensing machine performance? Using the latest advanced closed-loop stepper motor as the power system, the general motor will have a delay, and this motor is not, but only with the jet valve as a glue controller, the price of these two accessories have reached more than 10,000, so the desktop spray dispenser price in 50,000, is not very expensive.