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Fully automatic online high speed sprayer

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On-line high-speed spraying machine is the peak masterpiece of medium-sized production technology. This equipment can connect the production line to realize the full automation production of the manufacturer. From parts to finished products, it can produce products without manual operation. It is fast, convenient and easy to operate. According to the needs of enterprises, we can choose automatic or semi-automatic production mode, which can meet your needs.
在线式高速喷涂机 There are two types of high-speed spraying machine: mainframe and desktop. The design of mainframe is more complex, the performance is higher than desktop, and the price is the same. Generally, the mainframe is used only for dispensing special precision parts, such as camera, motherboard of mobile phone and so on. Similar to electronic or automobile parts, desktop type is used, and the cost performance ratio is the same. The maximum dispensing accuracy is low, and the use of commonly used spray machine can complete the dispensing task.
Briefly introduce the basic structure and performance of the two online high speed sprayer.
Machine model: zz-56
Dispensing accuracy: 0.01mm
Repeatability: + 0.02mm
Operating system: CCD vision positioning system + constant control system +PLC system
Maximum speed: 1000mm/sec
Resolution: 0.01mm
Scope of application:
Glue range: Shadowless glue, red glue, hot melt glue, COB black glue, paint, silica gel, conductive glue, silver glue, sealant and so on.
Industry scope: electronic dispensing, mobile phone dispensing, LED packaging, medical dispensing, automobile dispensing, toy dispensing, jewelry spraying, badges, trademarks and so on.
Accessories for online high speed spraying are:
1. Glue valve: high speed dispensing valve made in China.
2. Motor: imported servo motor + stepper motor
3, guide: desktop silver Guide
4, lens: German CCD camera
5. Solenoid valve: imported solenoid valve.
Above is all the parameters of online high-speed spraying machine large version. If there is a need for this equipment, you can consult on the official network of the middle system, or you can consult directly by telephone (13928403389 Wang Sheng).