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High speed hot melt adhesive dispensing machine with charact

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What is the understanding of hot melt adhesive? It is necessary to heat before use, so as to melt into glue, then dispensing, and the use of high-speed hot-melt dispensing machine has such effect, mainly because the heating device attached to the machine, can heat the temperature to more than 100 degrees, the hot-melt glue of rubber particles can be easily glued, and then proceed. Glue.
Hot melt adhesives can be applied in the industry.
Hot melt glue is a popular glue to be used, for example: ceramic heater and bathroom lamp need to be used for dispensing flexible packaging, especially for glue selection, because ceramic heater and bathroom lamp will have a heating situation, ordinary glue is easy to melt, while hot melt glue will not, just complete. The dispensing task is basically finished. Of course, the high speed hot melt glue dispenser plays the most important role.
Dispensing effect of ceramic heater
Ceramic heater dispensing is mainly used for sealing and fixing, the choice will have better effect, for example, the heater uses general type dispensing equipment, although there is installation heater, but the effect will lag far behind the professional equipment, because we are customized according to the glue use requirements of the machine type, so the characteristics are based on glue. Water has a direct relationship, in the product dispensing will be more accurate, the price is almost the same, bathroom lamp packaging is the same.
Hot melt glue dispenser
High speed hot melt dispensing machine features:
1. Control the high degree of integration of hot melt adhesive.
2, prevent overheating in the bathroom lamp package.
3. High speed dispensing valve has quick dispensing function.
4, dispensing machine overall dispensing degree is high.
Many types of uncontrollable hot melt adhesives, high-speed hot melt dispenser can be achieved, such as preventing the leakage of heating temperature, ensuring the constant heating temperature, etc., can be very good, but also in the ceramic heater dispensing and bathroom lamp packaging process, staff were injured by mistake, insulation and rapid cooling are high-speed heat. A major feature of melts.