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Manufacturer customization of super large gantry five-axis s

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The gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine is a non-standard type machine. Generally, dispensing machines larger than 551 are basically defined as non-standard machines. The advantage of non-standard machines is that they can design the machines that meet the requirements for you according to the needs of the industry, so that the dispensing effect can be the same as what you said beforehand, and each position will meet the expected requirements.
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全www.668866.com Gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine
Product parameters of sealing strip dispenser
Model: zz826
Material: Aluminum alloy
Specification: Non-standard
Repeated dispensing accuracy: 0.02%
Control system: constant control dispensing system
Dispensing mode: automatic / manual
龙门是五轴密封条点胶机 Programming: Instructor
Driving mode: precision screw
Design features of gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine
1. Ground-to-ground construction, with good fixity, is the most suitable way to produce large objects.
2. Non-standard machines can be equipped with desired dispensing valves according to product requirements, such as: sealing strip gluing, 2121 gluing valves can be used.
3. Import power system, plus silver guide rail, stable and powerful output, so that dispensing more quickly.
Composition of dispensing machine for gantry five-axis sealing strip
The composition of dispensing machine is absolutely indispensable. There are some rubber valves, step motors, controllers, dispensing pressure barrels, aluminium alloy workbenches, screw devices, circuit boards, alarm devices, mechanical arms and so on. There are also some vulnerable accessories, such as sealing rings, rubber hoses, plastic products, and so on. These are also parts of the dispensing machine of gantry five-axis seals.
Application scope of gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine
Non-punctuation opportunities have a major area, this machine application area is in the sealant dispenser, and there are other areas, such as television shell sealing, glass bonding, battery glue, and so on. Some industries with large demand for glue belong to one of the industries of this gantry five-axis sealant dispenser.