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Automatic gluing machine for application of motorcycle ignit

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Automotive industry has always been one of the hot industries in the application of automatic glue coating machine, such as: automobile stamping parts spraying, motorcycle igniter spraying, automobile PCB board spraying, LED lamp spraying and so on. There are many automobile industries will use glue coating technology. Today, I will explain a full-automatic glue dispensing equipment called motorcycle igniter spraying machine.
Glue Coating Machine for Motorcycle Igniter
Motorcycle igniter glue dispensing machine is a desktop dispensing machine with 331 (X-axis 300mm, Y-axis 300mm, Z-axis 100mm) standard. It is equipped with constant dispensing system and 3131 dispensing valves. The constant dispensing system is used to design the coating scheme and control dispensing time, while 3131 dispensing valves control the amount of glue and the dispensing accuracy. By designing these dispensing parameters, motorcycle dispensing can be carried out. The firearm was glued.
Price of Motorcycle Igniter Glue Coating Machine
The glue dispensing machine is designed with standard version specifications, so the price is not very expensive, generally between 10,000 and 20,000. It is equipped with various corresponding dispensing accessories, such as: 3131 dispensing needle barrel, dispensing controller, data line, dispensing fixture, dispensing handle, dispensing needle and so on. It will also debug the application of motorcycle igniter glue coating scheme, so that you can go back and then enter. Apply glue.
摩托车点火器涂胶 Non-standard plate coating machine can be manufactured by neutralization
We can also produce non-standard motorcycle igniter gluing machine, no longer using the standard 331 size, and according to the current motorcycle igniter gluing design, but also with the mechanical arm, complete automatic production mode, no longer need to manually place products, such dispensing method can improve your production efficiency, but need to be based on your manufacturer's. Actual and cost demand, non-standard automatic dispensing opportunities are more expensive, the price may go to about 40,000 to 50,000.
非标涂胶机 If you need motorcycle igniter gluing machine or automobile industry machine, you can find our Dongguan Medium-sized Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. We can produce a variety of gluing machines and 3131 dispensing valves, and we can also do gluing program for you alone. If you need, you can dial the telephone service hotline 13928403389.