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Fully automatic desktop four-position glue machine for elect

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Guide: The main feature of four-position glue dispenser is Y-axis. Usually desktop dispenser is a Y-axis, and this device has four Y-axis, which means that four products can be placed at the same time. Generally desktop dispenser needs manual assistant dispensing, and there will be a pause time to take products to the assembly line, while using multi-position glue dispenser can solve this problem.
Performance of Quadruple Location Rubber Machine Application Industry
For example: remote control button glue dispensing, using a four-position glue dispensing machine, can place four products at a time, adjust the dispensing speed to the maximum speed, then dispensing in a flat row, dispensing finished one, you can carry out the second dispensing, and then employees can place the remote control again, not only to ensure the quality of dispensing, dispensing speed also improved.
Double-product dispensing can be carried out by adding three-dimensional fixture
桌面式点胶机 Another advantage of using four-position glue dispenser is that three-dimensional fixture can be added to the x-axis to change the desktop dispenser which can use a circular dispensing valve into two circular dispensing valves, because in production, the same product is generally produced, so this method can be used for production, while dispensing two products, the production speed is naturally faster. Quick, but to ensure the same dispensing between products, different products can not use this method.
Design Concept of Quadruple Location Adhesive
Four-position glue dispensing machine or double-position desktop dispensing machine can achieve this dispensing mode, three-axis and one-axis will have an additional dispensing valve, so it is more difficult to control the glue, so what type of method to use, or according to the actual situation, similar application and remote control button dispensing, this kind of dispensing effect is not required for the industry, can achieve four-position dispensing. The dispensing machine is manufactured with circular dispensing valves and dispensing controllers to control the amount of dispensing, which is enough to meet the demand of dispensing.
Desktop four-position glue dispenser is also a non-standard machine. It has fast dispensing function, but its price is not very high. If you need remote dispensing or four-position glue dispenser, you can call our telephone service hotline 13928403389.