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Epoxy sealant coating machine with double Y-axis platform

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Epoxy sealant dispensing machine is a dispensing equipment which can use epoxy glue. It uses double Y-axis design concept to produce, which is equivalent to two products at the same time, so as to reduce the conflict time between products. Moreover, the epoxy sealant dispensing machine still uses 2121 dispensing valves as the core dispensing accessories, and the gluing function is better.
Current Standard Types of Coating Machines
双y轴密封点胶机 There are many types of glue dispensing machines. There are five or six types of glue dispensing machines in terms of specifications. They are 221 dispensing machines, 331 dispensing machines, 441 dispensing machines, 551 dispensing machines and 661 dispensing machines. These are all standard specifications. There are also non-standard specifications, which can be designed according to the production requirements of dispensing industry, such as medical equipment dispensing, which needs non-standard three-axis dispensing machines to dispensing.
Travel of Sealing Strip Coating Machine
Let me know about the epoxy sealing strip gluing machine. In fact, this is a standard gluing machine. It belongs to 441 dispensing machine with a travel of 400 mm * 400 mm * 100 mm. The working platform used is a double flat plate with a backdraft function under the flat plate. The main purpose is to absorb the sealing strip and prevent the product from moving in the dispensing process, thus affecting the quality of the dispensing glue.
Applicable dispensing industry
In this way, epoxy sealant coating machine is also produced according to the demand of dispensing industry, but it can also be used in medical equipment LED lamp dispensing. In our products, we have produced such products, using 2121 dispensing valves as control valves, using epoxy sealant for sealing, and all for the purpose of product sealability.
环氧密封涂胶机 Requirements for dispensing accuracy of medical equipment
Medical equipment dispensing demand is also very high, there is no precision dispensing technology is generally difficult to use in this industry for production, although some machines can be used to ordinary dispensing machine, but still need to use non-standard version, which is why the use of dispensing products in medical equipment will be expensive than other industries.
Parameters of Epoxy Sealing Strip Coating Machine
Machine model: zz-hy-36 operation mode: automatic or manual
Machine Name: Epoxy Sealing Strip Coating Machine Drive Mode: Silver Guide + Synchronization Belt
Use Glue: Epoxy Glue Control System: Constant Control System
Machine Material: Aluminum Alloy Material Procedure Number: 1000
Dispensing speed: < 500mm/sec drive mode: stepper motor
Dispensing accuracy: 0.1mm machine weight: 50kg
If you need to use epoxy sealant coating machine or 2121 dispensing valve can contact us, and you need medical equipment dispensing machine, we can also produce, such as visual dispensing machine or jet dispensing machine, can be produced, our telephone service hotline: 0769-88004095. Welcome to call.