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Non-standard jet automatic dispensing machine with CCD visio

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Ccd visual automatic dispensing machine is one of the most advanced dispensing equipment types in dispensing industry at present. By using imported high-definition digital camera + dispensing control system, combined with our technology of manufacturing jet dispensing machine, this non-standard jet CCD visual automatic dispensing machine has been completed with machine recognition technology and automatic dispensing technology.
Products manufactured with various high-performance accessories and technologies have real automatic dispensing technology, which can be dispensed with running water; can meet the dispensing requirements of various products without exhausting in a row; simplified version programming makes dispensing easier, which is the performance and advantages of CCD visual automatic dispensing machine, as well as more humane operation.
流水线喷胶机 Technical parameters of Ccd visual automatic dispensing machine
Machine model: zz-sj-300 machine name: CCD visual automatic dispensing machine
Visual System: German HD Digital Camera Drive System: Imported Servo Motor + Ball Screw
X-Y speed: maximum: 800mm/s repetitive dispensing accuracy: +0.01%
Driving mode: dispensing accuracy of synchronous belt: 0.1mm
Z-axis speed: 200m/s transmission weight: 4.5kg
LED light source: LED red/blue control system: PLC programming + industrial computer
Dispensing stroke: 400 * 500 * 100mm guide: double guide
Power Requirements: Voltage: 220V 50/60hz Machine Weight: 600kg
System characteristics of CCD visual automatic dispensing machine
It can complete 360-degree circular dispensing function; with optional pressure drum glue, it can keep the daily use of glue to meet the requirements, and also has the function of automatic detection of glue volume; it uses weighing system, laser altimeter system, automatic heating system, etc., to control the dispensing distance and applicability of spray dispensing machine; it can match with a variety of dispensing configuration to meet the requirements of a variety of dispensing; it adopts PLC editing; Technology, can do CAD graphics import and trajectory preview, so that the actual dispensing path is more accurate, and with a computer system for PLC export and control.
It can be used in a large number of industries for dispensing, such as medical equipment dispensing, watch dispensing, jewelry dispensing, mobile phone screen dispensing, electronic chip dispensing and emblem spraying, etc. The main application of CCD visual automatic dispensing machine needs high-end dispensing technology requirements, while ordinary dispensing products use jet dispensing machine wastes dispensing resources.
Can complete the dispensing requirements of various industries, is to be able to use a variety of glue, in addition to the use of hot melt glue and fast-drying glue, other types of glue can basically be used, this is advanced dispensing machine equipment technology, can be a variety of types of dispensing requirements, especially in the high-end dispensing industry, the use of this CCD visual automatic dispensing machine, is able to complete dispensing. Task.
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