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Dual-station four-axis automatic ignition module glue fillin

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Ignition module dispensing machine is also a standard type of dispensing equipment, the purchase cost is not very high, a standard two-station four-axis dispensing machine price is 245, which is a relatively cheap price, but it can simultaneously carry out two ignition module glue, and in the control of glue is relatively stable.
Filling Platform for Ignition Module
灌胶机 Ignition module dispensing is not a high-end dispensing industry, dispensing accuracy is particularly easy to meet, the use of dispensing valves and machines we configure can basically meet the requirements of dispensing, according to our experience in the application of ignition module dispensing, can be matched with large flow dispensing needles, and then dispensing can meet the needs, combined with three-axis platform, can also complete linear point. Glue.
Rapid production of dispensing equipment
点火模块灌胶机 According to the current production requirements, we can produce a glue filling machine that meets the requirements of ignition module in two days. If you need the glue filling of ignition module, you can also send your products to me. Let's proofread for you. This can directly observe whether it meets the production requirements. We can organize such production requirements to meet the requirements of independent design.
Look at the type of refitted dispensing equipment
点火模块 Ignition module glue dispensing machine is also refitted from a common dispensing machine, so many of them are basic principles, so we know how to debug, but also can meet the production requirements of the product, such refitting is very simple, at least for our neutral system, with the corresponding dispensing technology, better still, the production needs do not take too long, three to five years. It will be able to deliver the glue filling machine to your hands in a few days, so that you can immediately carry out production, so that production becomes simpler.
If you need to use the ignition module glue filling machine, you can contact us directly. Let's produce the ignition module glue filling machine for you. The intermediate telephone service hotline is 13928403389.