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On-line automatic spraying machine zz-zx-541 for cabinet vis

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Visual automatic dispensing machine type dispensing equipment has a variety of types, of which online automatic spraying machine is the machine type to focus on the following. It belongs to a high-precision dispensing equipment, mainly used in high-end dispensing industry, similar to TFT module dispensing and mobile phone Cato spraying, for dispensing industry will use this product, the main dispensing function is dispensing and precision.
视觉www.668866.com Function description of on-line automatic spraying machine
1. Combined with engineering system (plc system) +17 inch display screen. The dispensing program is programmed by computer, which is simple and fast, and the control program is good, so it is not easy to cause problems.
2. According to the concave and convex surface of the product, the dispensing height can be adjusted at will to ensure that the amount of glue in each position is in line with the requirements. (There will be drops in mobile phone Cato spraying, and PLC system can be used to control the drops in spraying, which will not cause glue accumulation)
3. Computers come with super-large storage capacity. Programs that have been edited can be stored, and then used for a second time.
4. On-line automatic spraying machine because of the difficulty of cleaning, but also equipped with automatic release and curing function, to ensure that the glue will not block the product oh.
在线式www.668866.com 6. The height detection device with LED light source can automatically detect the spraying effect and ensure the quality of the product.
7. The visual automatic dispensing machine can select the spraying angle. When using two kinds of spraying valves, this dispensing method can be used to prevent the repetitive dispensing problem of TFT module dispensing.
8. It can be dispensing with pipeline to realize automatic dispensing and speed up production.
Technical parameters of on-line automatic spraying machine
Machine Model: zz-zx-541 Machine Name: On-line Automatic Spraying Machine
Control mode: industrial computer + dispensing system dispensing valve: jet dispensing valve
Dispensing speed: 800mm/min spraying thickness: 0.02-1 mm
Driving mode: servo motor + ball screw cleaning function: automatic glue cleaning
 柜式视觉点胶机 Dispensing accuracy: 0.02mm maximum operating speed: 1300mm/s
Number of glue valves: one dispensing valve, one spray valve, two glue barrels, one glue barrel and one cleaning glue barrel