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Multi-function on-line automatic visual dispensing machine

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Fully automatic visual dispensing machine realizes the high-tech manifestation of dispensing industry. At present, how dispensing industry can use visual dispensing machine for dispensing, and visual dispensing machine can match the assembly line for dispensing production, which can meet the dispensing needs of more industries. At present, the dispensing products produced are generally high-precision dispensing products, and only high-end dispensing equipment can be used. Task of dispensing glue.
Practical application of visual dispensing machine
视觉www.668866.com Chip gluing is a high-precision dispensing technology that needs to be used. It requires concave and convex dispensing at the outer pins of the core. The control of glue is very strict and the general type of dispensing equipment can not be used. Only in this way can the dispensing accuracy not be uneven. The dispensing valves and controllers with one component are some high-end products, such as PLC programming and computer terminal. The combination can make the dispensing accuracy to 0.01 mm, and the requirement for the control of blackening glue is more accurate than the general machine.
Advantages of on-line dispensing and intelligent production
Online dispensing machine is a combination of automatic dispensing machine and dispensing machine. Because manual dispensing can only be added in dispensing link before, it will not only lead to slow production, but also reduce production efficiency to a greater extent. The precision of manual dispensing is far less than that of machine production. This is a scientific basis. Furthermore, the development of automatic visual dispensing machine greatly opens the model of manual dispensing and automatic dispensing. With the advent of intelligent products and the rising cost of manual dispensing, machine gluing can meet the future market requirements, such as black glue, white glue, epoxy glue, and so on. These online dispensing machines can do this. We also develop various types of single-component dispensing valves as control equipment, more in line with the dispensing requirements of various types of glue.
Main modes of modern production
The technology brought by modern science and technology is not only product-oriented, but also intellectualized. Full-automatic visual dispensing machine is enough to replace the demand of dispensing now. In combination with on-line production, which large-scale manufacturers are not using pipeline production mode at present. Mei's electrical appliances have used on-line dispensing machine to build a lot of production lines, and have also realized full-scale automatic production mode. 。 This is a real example to show that the automatic visual dispensing machine is a new generation of dispensing methods.
If you need to use one-component dispensing valves and blackening industrial technology, we can produce and manufacture corresponding dispensing equipment for you. Online dispensing machine and full-automatic visual dispensing machine have these types of machine technology. If you have these needs, you can contact our engineering department directly: Tel 13928403389.