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Customization of on-line visual dispenser for jet dispenser

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Xiaobian briefly introduces to you the jet dispensing machine produced by our mid-system. Our mid-system has many years of experience in producing visual dispensing machine, advanced machine production technology, can produce the required equipment according to your needs, has a good reputation in the dispensing industry, and good after-sales service.
视觉喷射式点胶机 Performance of Jet High Speed Dispenser
1. With visual dispensing system, it can locate and identify dispensing products.
2. There is a super-large working platform, which can be placed in multiple products for dispensing.
3. The dispensing task can be carried out by directly modifying the parameters, using humanized Chinese interface, computer terminal and PLC programming system, with fixed programming program.
4. The dispensing syringe, the ordinary dispensing valve and the imported dispensing valve can be used as the control device. The dispensing speed is fast, the dispensing effect is good, and the dispensing accuracy can be adjusted.
5. Multifunctional glue control technology, can use a variety of types of glue, to meet the requirements of single-liquid and double-liquid glue dispensing.
6. The visual recognition system is fast and can complete product identification in 0.1 seconds. The product can not be identified three times. The visual jet dispensing machine will stop automatically.
Parameters of Jet High Speed Dispenser
Machine model: zz-ps-547 dispensing stroke: 800mm*400mm*40mm
Dispensing speed: 1000mm/s dispensing accuracy: +0.01mm
Transmission mode: Ball screw visual dispensing system: German visual dispensing system
Dispensing mode: line, point, arc, circular dispensing speed: 30 000 DPH
Machine Driving Mode: Servo Motor + Stepping Motor
Visual jet dispensing machine can apply PCB solder paste dispensing. Generally, solder paste is stored in a Japanese dispensing syringe. It can be directly installed on a jet dispensing machine with high speed, without secondary machine regulation, it can also fulfill the requirements of PCB solder paste dispensing. This is a point that ordinary dispensing equipment can not do, because the machine does not have automatic recognition function, the needle will be skewed. The accuracy of dispensing is affected, so the secondary use of ordinary dispensing machine needs to readjust the dispensing accuracy, while the jet high-speed dispensing machine does not.