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Gantry infrared vision automatic shoe upper spraying machine

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The structure analysis of shoe upper spraying machine adopts gantry structure as normal machine platform. Infrared ray and vision are machine functions. Full automation is the production aspect. This is the origin of gantry infrared ray vision automatic shoe upper spraying machine. Some dispensing products need high dispensing effect, while the products with visual dispensing machine can meet the requirements of gluing.
Production Speed of Visual Dispenser
鞋面喷胶机 Upper gluing needs better gluing technology, the overall appearance of shoes can not be affected, it will not affect the value of shoes. Upper gluing can improve the appearance of shoes. There is also the main point, that is, speed, the production speed of shoe spraying machine can reach 1000mm/s, which belongs to the current top speed of gluing machine, which is the effect of matching top.
Three Advantages of Upper Spraying Machine
视觉喷胶机 It is worth mentioning that there are three cores of shoe upper spraying machine: first, infrared vision system, second, spraying valve, third and dispensing operation system. Infrared vision system belongs to a domestic system, which can identify the dispensing position of products, control the amount of glue and dispensing path, and detect whether the product is coated or not; Spraying valve can realize non-contact dispensing without touching the product. It can also be used for gluing, and the spray valve has good sealing performance, high precision and stable control; the PLC system has stable control, can input more detailed data, can achieve more functions, each step of the program can be written in detail, the second use of liquid is very convenient, in the complex situation of shoe surface gluing, the use of PLC system can complete detailed writing, each step of the size of glue control can be achieved, This is the three main cores of shoe spraying machine.
Reasons for Choosing Upper Spraying Machine
Why choose visual upper glue dispensing machine as one of the main reasons for production, spray valves and visual dispensing system are also too good, can have a greater and better dispensing effect, general dispensing machine is unable to meet such production needs, although it has dispensing function, but the technical gap is irreparable, so the upper glue spraying machine is still the best way to complete the effect. If you need to choose a glue machine for upper gluing, you can learn about our medium-sized machine.