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Automatic dispensing machine for AB glue for metal parts spr

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Visual AB automatic dispensing machine is a visual dispensing machine designed to paint hardware video. Although the types of visual dispensing machine are comparatively similar, what industries it can apply are generally specific, and the effect of applying paint on hardware ornaments is better than that of applying other products.
Core dispensing technology for decoration painting
Hardware jewelry painting is also one of our visual dispensing machine manufacturers through the application industry. In order to meet the requirements of hardware jewelry painting, Micro-glue control technology and visual positioning technology are adopted. No manual sorting products are needed. Hardware jewelry is produced from the mould and directly placed on the platform of visual AB glue dispensing machine. It will automatically identify and paint each hardware jewelry. Quantity is the same, this is the micro glue control technology, the amount of glue produced is not bad, and will reach a certain amount of glue, will automatically alarm, let you change the glue, did not change the glue in time, will automatically stop painting.
Core dispensing accessories
五金饰品上漆 This visual dispensing machine integrates the core technology of all dispensing machines at present, and there are many new core technologies added to it. Generally, visual dispensing machines can not meet this requirement. In addition to micro-control technology, there are spray dispensing valves on visual AB dispensing machine, which can realize micro-control technology. Besides visual dispensing machine, spray dispensing valves play a role. Ultra-high control glue technology, using stainless steel material cut from the dispensing valve, with super anti-corrosion performance, and good sealing, the control glue is particularly uniform, in hardware jewelry paint from the glue and glue can reach the same amount, meaning the beginning of the glue and glue dispensing can be controlled the same amount.
Core Programming System
Visual AB automatic dispensing machine is one of the best in controlling glue and speed. It uses PLC system and spray dispensing valve. This is a very mature system. It can realize programming of various glue dispensing technologies, which is better than constant control system. It can also realize various programming. Any programmed dispensing can be programmed, but it requires higher manual operation, but we can. In order to write various procedures for you, you