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Cabinet CCD Visual Large Red Rubber Dispensing Machine

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The CCD visual red glue dispenser is made of cabinet structure, with the computer terminal and the CCD high-definition camera positioning system. The computer terminal can program and quickly analyze data. The CCD high-definition camera positioning system can identify the dispensing position and position, and quickly find the dispensing position, and finish dispensing. The CCD visual high-speed dispensing machine can complete two dispensing in one second, similar to the light curtain dispensing and PCB board. Dispensing.
Characteristics of Red Gum
Red glue is always a special glue, which is similar to tin paste, but still has fluidity. The biggest characteristic is that red glue can be solidified only by heating. According to its characteristics, people mainly apply red glue to the heating electronic industry. If the electronic components are used for a long time, they will get hot. The temperature may reach 30 to 40 degrees, and the high temperature of red glue will not cause its melting. And will be more solidified, our visual dispensing machine manufacturers specially produce a red dispensing machine for dispensing.
Application of red gum
Patch red glue is a kind of processed red glue, which improves the flow and solidification of products and meets the requirements of light curtain dispensing. Patch red glue is mainly used in PCB board coating. It also has a scientific name: MST patch red glue. met means resistance. CCD visual red glue dispenser is mainly used in the electronic industry.
Red glue dispenser
视觉自动红胶点胶机 CCD visual red glue dispenser makes the use of patch red glue needn't use ordinary dispensing valves, and use dispensing syringe storage, because red glue needs to add a certain proportion of epoxy resin glue, improve the fluidity and solidity after dispensing, the dispensing effect is positive, but with a piezoelectric dispensing valve, belonging to high-precision dispensing valve, the dispensing red glue is conveyed from the dispensing syringe. The quick dispensing function can be realized by reaching the inside of the dispensing valve and then dispensing with light curtain after a process of precise dispensing valve. These are the characteristics of CCD visual dispenser.
What are the advantages of the visual red glue dispenser with cabinet structure?
1. The cabinet type means that the volume is large, the quantity can be placed is large, and the production speed will be increased.
2. Reduce the number of product replacement and time waste.
3. Multiple dispensing positions can be identified at one time, and the next dispensing step can be improved.