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Large Longmen automatic dispensing machine

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Large Longmen type automatic dispensing machine is now the most popular dispensing equipment, can be used in the PCB board, LED lamp, mobile phone industry, especially in the PCB application has a great achievement in other industries is relatively mature technology dispensing machine, which is good at large automatic dispensing machine, can be installed very different accessories able to use technology or more.
Choose a suitable own dispensing machine industry is difficult, because the market has a lot of large dispensing machine, and the dispensing technology is almost the same, such as: floor type visual automatic dispensing machine, dispensing with the technology of automatic dispensing machine of large Longmen almost, but the floor type automatic dispensing machine is used for LED industry more, while Longmen is used for the PCB board.
Can be applied to the PCB board because it has four axes of Longmen type automatic dispensing machine, capable of dispensing of the whole PCB board, in the mobile PCB board is not required, so it is suitable for the industry. Of course, we can not only have the number of axes of dispensing in the electronics industry, or have core technology can.
Large Longmen type automatic dispensing machine is using jet dispensing, solve the drawing and scratch products, there is a system which are used in the system, such as the most advanced dispensing machine in English system, computer control system, PLC programming system, sense control system, sense control system is used to detect the products from the height, thus preventing dispensing scratch products.
The use of these systems can not only control the injection valve operation, also can be in control of speed, accuracy, dispensing time interval and so on, which are system control, and each repeat dispensing are able to reach ninety-nine percent of the same degree, high repetitive manufacturing quality of products is the same, so that you can reduce the occurrence of bad products.