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Medium-sized visual precision glue coating machine with high

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The manufacturer of the medium-sized automatic dispensing machine can produce three types of dispensing equipment, including visual precision dispensing machine, desktop jet dispensing machine and three-axis automatic dispensing machine. The visual precision dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine need to be customized. Only the standard three-axis automatic dispensing machine can be in stock. The first two production costs are too high. It can only be customized according to the needs of manufacturers.
Characteristics of visual precision dispenser
视觉精密点胶机 Visual precision glue dispensing machine uses CCD high-speed camera dispensing system, computer end, PLC system and precision jet valve, etc. Visual dispensing technology can realize dispensing path design, quickly complete the transmission of glue dispensing path. All computers complete image collection, data transmission, and then image processing, positioning coordinates, complete the dispensing path. The position setting of product dispensing does not need to adjust the machine axis manually, and after setting, the visual precision glue coating machine can realize camera positioning, no matter where the product is placed, it can recognize and dispensing.
Two dispensing valves can be matched
落地式视觉点胶机 The precise injection valve is suitable for spraying low-viscosity glue, and the spraying effect is good. It can achieve very fine dispensing. The common dispensing valve is used for dispensing medium or high-viscosity glue, and the two dispensing valves are exchanged. It can realize the use of high, medium and low viscosity glue. It is an all-round glue coating machine.
The function of high-definition camera point used by visual precision glue coating machine can dispensing position equipment, also can detect whether the product is normal, abnormal products will not be sprayed, but also has the function of automatic height measurement, because the different height will affect the spraying effect, so the height measuring device can ensure the spraying effect of the product, and also can check whether the product is normal or not. There are many functions, such as no need to place products, quick dispensing, no need for fixtures and so on. These are all functions that can be realized by visual precision gluing machine.