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Visual patch red glue coating machine

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As the name implies, the red glue coating machine is definitely a visual glue machine using red glue. The use requirements of red glue are as special as hot melt glue. Because it is often used for dispensing of electronic boards or chips, there is no way to do so. It can only be matched with the corresponding dispensing equipment according to the requirements, otherwise it can not meet the needs of production. To meet the requirements of red glue coating, but also to meet the product dispensing requirements.
Red glue requirements
贴片红胶涂胶机 What is the requirement for red glue? Generally, red glue needs to be heated before it solidifies. After the curtain dispensing, the product needs to be heated in order to achieve rapid solidification. It can be matched with visual large-scale red glue dispensing machine. After dispensing, it can be transported to the heating device for product heating, which can solve the requirements of red glue dispensing at one time, in addition to meeting the requirements. Red glue coating requirements, red glue coating machine on the machine function and dispensing valve down a lot of effort.
Precision dispensing valve
红胶涂胶机点胶应用 The dispensing valve matched with imported precision valve, using piezoelectric control dispensing method, can accurately control the amount of glue, the amount of glue used in electronic and chip is not much, each dispensing requirement is very high, the use of high-precision dispensing valve, can improve the product dispensing effect, generally point-to-point dispensing, the use of precision dispensing valve is better, each. Small size, each point can not spill glue, so according to the requirements of the product, we need to make the production effect display, meet can be used. Visual glue machine is also equipped with visual dispensing system, using image dispensing technology, each point can be captured in advance, focusing on automatic positioning dispensing technology.
Sticking red glue coating machine or a pipeline is the gluing technology, to fully automated production mode, product coating, after product processing, then dispensing glue, and then glue heating, this is the production process, one-time completion, there is no need for manual assistance at that location dispensing, this is the large-scale CCD visual pasting. Flake red glue dispensing machine function, diversified dispensing technology, can achieve a variety of dispensing requirements, light curtain dispensing is simple.