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Large Visual COB Sealing Machine

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COB can be understood as COB light source, while sealant is dispensing machine, vision is visual dispensing system, large-scale refers to large size, online meaning, can be interpreted as a large-scale visual COB sealant machine is an online visual high-precision dispensing machine, can point phosphor and sealant in COB light source, in terms of coating accuracy is high. Class I equipment, equipped with top equipment technology in gluing machine equipment.
Because of the requirement of glue and dispensing accuracy, it is difficult for general dispensing equipment to meet the sealing requirements, such as the mixing of phosphor and glue. It is impossible to use general dispensing machine. Then only specific dispensing valves can be used, while the stability control needs special good accessories to achieve, such as visual dispensing control system and PLC. The system and vision system can realize positioning and image transmission. The PLC system can dispense glue stably and realize complex line dispensing. The production is relatively stable. These are the characteristics of COB sealant machine.
Characteristics of COB Sealing Machine
1. With Win7 system, using Chinese operation mode, the system is equipped with PLC operating system software, which can quickly process the pictures taken.
视觉点胶机 2. With image forming technology, the computer-side image processing speed is fast, and the dispensing position can be quickly identified.
3. It can be programmed in a variety of ways. The operation process is simple. It can store 10G programs. It only needs to be programmed once and stored permanently.
4. All the values can be set, such as the quantity of glue, the dispensing time, the width of glue, the moving speed of the mechanical shaft, the length of glue, the stop time and the recognition speed, etc.
5. Z-axis loads 10KG, which can be matched with three-dimensional fixtures to realize multi-position dispensing at the same time.
6. The working platform can be connected to the pipeline to realize the unmanned operation.
7. It can work with a variety of coating accessories, such as precision dispensing valves, dispensing syringes and jet valves.
8. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.001 mm and the output can reach 0.001 cc. It has the function of intelligent breaking and excellent dispensing effect.
9. It has multi-functional dispensing technology. It has the functions of wire dispensing, point-to-point dispensing, circle, arc, irregular curve and three-axis linkage respectively.