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Visual high precision silver glue dispensing equipment for L

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Using silver glue dispensing equipment, both desktop dispensing equipment and visual dispensing equipment, according to the requirements of silver glue dispensing to produce the corresponding LED silver glue dispensing equipment, silver glue dispensing is more helpful, after all, customized visual dispensing machine, whether on the system or dispensing accessories, is very in line with the product point. Adhesive requirements, today about LED silver glue dispensing equipment.
Fittings for visual dispensing machine
视觉点胶机 Visual LED silver glue dispensing equipment is a very large structure of the machine, combined with a lot of dispensing accessories, what precise dispensing valve, stainless steel pressure bucket, computer end, PLC controller, visual positioning dispensing system, height positioning device and so on, these are familiar with high-end dispensing accessories, with a dispensing equipment. As far as the performance is concerned, visual positioning technology, image synthesis transmission technology and PLC control programming technology can be realized, especially suitable for high-precision industry dispensing. The glue output can be controlled at 0.01 mm. The main characteristics are glue volume control and three-dimensional control ability, which is very strong.
What kind of machine is visual dispensing equipment?
LED银胶点胶机 Visual dispensing machine is very different from general automatic dispensing machine. Ordinary silver spraying machine can not achieve high-precision dispensing performance. Although the accuracy is good, the production is slightly worse. It needs to be manually in line with the production, and some special supplies are applied, dispensing system needs to be replaced, and no PLC control is used. The device is convenient and the performance is not superior to the PLC controller, so what type of LED silver glue dispensing equipment to use depends on the manufacturer's choice, we can do it! Whether it is a visual dispenser or a desktop silver glue sprayer.
The replacement of dispensing system needs dispensing machine engineers to be able to achieve, because using ordinary LED silver dispensing equipment, some functions can not be brought into play, need to change keys, so ordinary people can not do it, need professional workers.