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With the increasing trend of smartphone release, fingerprint recognition mobile phone has become the goal of various mobile phone manufacturers. In 2015, domestic manufacturers launched mobile phones with fingerprint recognition capabilities. Dispensing machine has been widely used in mobile phone technology, such as dispensing technology of mobile phone chip, dispensing technology of mobile phone shell, dispensing technology of mobile phone screen, etc. How to apply dispensing machine in fingerprint identification? Following is a brief introduction to fingerprint identification dispensing:
视觉识别 At present, fingerprint identification is divided into four methods: front contact, back contact, front sliding and back sliding. In touch switches, identification sensors, driving rings, sapphire mirrors and other key points need to participate in the dispensing process. The common dispensing process starts with coating the bottom filler around the chip. Fingerprint identification dispensing is to promote the applicability of the chip. The common types of glue are Henkel UF8830, 3808, 3806 and other products. Then the integrated circuit point on the FPC is the bottom filler or ultraviolet photoresist, which is used for packaging and strengthening. The common types of glue are 3808 and so on. Finally, FPC's golden finger is used to guide conductive glue.
指纹饰品点胶 The second step is to cut the whole board into small pieces by laser after dispensing. Then the laser is cut into small pieces and installed on FPC for pre-dispensing test. That is the fingerprint recognition dispensing module for the major problem.