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Visual Silver Gum Spraying Machine

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Visual silver glue spraying machine is a kind of visual floor-mounted machine which can specially use silver glue spraying. It can realize high-precision glue coating technology. With the structure of floor-mounted glue spraying machine and high-end dispensing accessories at home and abroad, it can achieve better dispensing process. Silver glue is generally used in PLC board for glue coating, and the dispensing precision required is very high. The general process can not meet the requirements.
Function of Visual Silver Rubber Spraying Machine
视觉银胶喷机 With the dispensing function of visual camera, the dispensing position of each product can be identified, and it can also help in the design of dispensing path. For example, image shooting technology, the use of photography technology to transfer the entire product to the computer end of the spraying machine, for analysis, to determine where the dispensing position belongs, after determining the location, it can also use photography. The reason why the visual silver glue sprayer does not need to sort products is that the visual camera dispensing technology can determine the dispensing position and dispensing, which is very convenient to use. It is also very good for the control of the glue quantity. The glue quantity of each product is basically the same as the dispensing position.
Industry dispensing effect
银胶喷胶机 Silver glue dispensing application industry is relatively precise, such as: circuit board glue, but can not exceed or across the border, silver tape conductivity, if the circuit short circuit, there will be a loss-of-value effect, the use of silver glue can not ignore its dispensing effect, otherwise it is particularly easy to lead to production results can not reach. Requirements, this is also the characteristics of the visual silver glue machine, high-precision dispensing technology and visual equipment functions, are the existing characteristics.
Visual silver glue spraying machine also has many functions, such as online glue coating technology and mechanical arm assistant glue dispensing function. The core technology of collocation is very high-end. All kinds of high-precision products can be glued. As long as the dispensing valve or needle is replaced, more advanced glue coating process can be realized. This is visual. Characteristics of Jueyin Rubber Spraying Machine.