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Basic Principles of Programming Dispensing Equipment

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Principle of Understanding Ambiguity: Our specific requirements should be clear and clear so that the understanding of suppliers will not lead to misunderstanding. For areas that may be unclear or incomprehensible, there are pictures, drawings and answers from professionals and technicians.
B Principle of no inclination: treat all potential bidders equally, without inclination. Most manufacturers'bids are not subject to strict technical and service requirements.
C. Equipment parameters: It is not obvious from the manufacturer or obviously beneficial to one manufacturer, not conducive to other manufacturers. For example, when purchasing a certain type of dispensing equipment, the technical requirements can not clearly stipulate that it should bear 32 tons, but should be between 26 and 380 tons (the stipulated scope does not restrict the competition of bidders).
The front and back interfaces of D equipment have clear technical agreement, the input and output status of equipment, and clear agreement.
The direct processing equipment of products needs to provide product drawings at the same time.
F new plant project, as well as assembly line and conveyor line equipment, and provide plant plan and process layout.
自动涂胶机 G. All requirements for suppliers have been put forward, leaving no room for bidders to exercise. Final Standard for Technical Requirements of Dispensing Equipment Manufacturers: If the bidder receives our technical requirements, he can clearly understand all our requirements and bid according to our requirements to meet our actual needs. Special attention: If the technical requirements are not mentioned, the manufacturer can not be requested, resulting in the failure to procure. Technical requirements must be comprehensive.
Special attention should be paid to:
The technical requirements for programming dispensing equipment shall be stated in full, and no specific provisions shall be made if no written explanation is given. As long as it does not violate national laws and regulations and national norms in the industry, it should be considered acceptable.
For each requirement, please indicate that this is a particularly critical requirement, an important requirement or a general requirement.
Special key requirements: If the requirements of this indicator are not met, the equipment can not be used. The nature of the veto.
Important indicators or requirements: Important equipment performance indicators or technical requirements.
General indicators or requirements: Except for the above two categories, other indicators or requirements belong to this category.