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New type of double-liquid automatic glue filling machine dev

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Medium-sized automatic equipment is one of the manufacturers of dispensing machines in Shenzhen. It has rich experience in self-development and self-production of automatic dispensing machines. It is committed to solving the problems in the production of injection and injection, and provides customers with high-quality automatic dispensing machines, two-fluid dispensing machines, visual dispensing machines, jet dispensing machines, AB dispensing machines. And other equipment.
Today let Xiaobian introduce to you a special equipment for two-component glue, which has the characteristics of accurate mixing glue and gel stability. The following introduces the application advantages of the two-component glue dispenser.
深圳点胶机 Shenzhen dispensing machine manufacturer's double-liquid glue machine can be used for luminous module glue, hard and soft strip glue, fluorescent lamp glue, power glue, resistor glue, capacitor glue, and compatible with a variety of double-liquid glue, AB glue and other two-component glue, including commonly used silica gel, epoxy resin, etc.
The stainless steel pressure barrel is used as the rubber storage barrel in the double-liquid glue-filling machine. The key step to improve the product quality is the precise control of glue and the stability of mixed glue. The use of the double-liquid glue-filling machine greatly improves the working environment and production speed of employees.
LED compound power supply compound
双液灌胶机 In addition to the stable filling quality of products, the filling efficiency of double-liquid filling machine has also been significantly improved, which can avoid the inconsistency of filling glue volume by manual filling, improve product quality, and even solve the hidden problems of product quality and glue waste. The filling equipment usually needs the assistance of controller. The neutral system is making great efforts to develop new equipment. Design and optimize the technical requirements that can not be satisfied at present, so that customers in the future filling work more convenient.
Some companies provide automation services in automation system integration. Eight years of research and development and production of automation equipment, there are many types of machines, such as: automatic glue filling machine, automatic glue coating machine, automatic soldering machine, screw machine, non-standard automatic equipment, etc., mainly used in 3C industry, new energy equipment, medical, automotive, high-precision industries, and with excellent working equipment.