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Visual automatic spray dispensing machine

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The dispensing equipment with visual system belongs to high-end dispensing machine. The visual system is equivalent to giving the machine a pair of "eyes", tirelessly in machine production, can achieve "autonomous" work, no longer need manual auxiliary production, just need to check the data regularly, which is the production characteristics of the visual automatic spray dispensing machine.
全自动视觉喷射式点胶机 The visual automatic spray dispensing machine integrates the functions of visual automatic identification, positioning and non-contact dispensing, and gathers the most advanced technology in the dispensing industry at present. So this device is a very high-end machine. Its application effect in dispensing is the best and fastest. It uses two "most" words to express the affirmation and affirmation of Xiaobian for this visual automatic spray dispensing machine. Acknowledgement. Next, let's understand the function and production effect of the visual automatic spray dispensing machine.
Automatic identification of product quality and irregular dispensing
The spray dispensing machine produced by the core of the floor cabinet structure can dispense glue together with the assembly line. At present, few large factories will adopt the method of combining machine with manual production. Generally, it is assembled by machine. In dispensing, as long as the product comes to the dispensing process, the automatic visual spray dispensing machine can identify whether the product is good or not. If there are three errors in dispensing, the machine will stop automatically and give an alarm. If there is no dispensing, it will work 24 hours without interruption, and there is no need to discharge products manually. The visual device can identify the dispensing position.
1. Rapid programming takes only one minute to complete a program.
在线式全自动视觉喷射式点胶机 2. German HD camera with automatic recognition function.
3. Super-large working platform can be used in assembly line.
4. Height measuring device, non-contact dispensing function
5. Computer Operating System, PLC Control System, Visual Camera Recognition System and Image Transmission System
6. Auto-cleaning function, multi-functional glue coating mode, non-contact and contact glue dispensing function.
7. Chinese Operating Interface, Easy to Learn, and Professional Operating Training
8. Fully automatic operation, from glue delivery to product dispensing, is the operation of the machine.
9. Any type of dispensing can be carried out without the need to make moulds, rapid positioning and dispensing.
10. Strong stability, no drawing, good glue output.
Machine Model: ZZ-680 Type: Ground Visual Dispenser
Mechanical stroke: X: 820mm Y: 320mm Z: 100mm Camera pixels: 1 million
全自动视觉喷射式点胶机 Accuracy of dispensing: 0.01mm dispensing method: non-contact and contact dispensing
Operating system PLC system + computer end gas source: 0.4~0.8Mpa
Camera vision system German dispensing valve imported jet dispensing valve
Inspection function, visual automatic detection function, glue heating function, temperature up to 250 degrees
Dispensing accuracy 0.1mm Dispensing efficiency 4000DPH (Dotting)
Running speed: 800mm/s, shape size 1350mm*1330mm*1900mm