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Cabinet type floor type glue robot

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Using glue robot for glue application is a kind of glue application method preferred by all kinds of small and medium-sized manufacturers. It can realize the three-sided glue application of a part. Compared with the previous manual glue application, it has faster glue application speed, more time saving and cost saving. The glue applied by the glue applicator is more uniform and uses less glue than manual. It can run stably for a long time, and a person can operate multiple machines after learning it completely, which can greatly reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency.
视觉涂胶机器人 Now the glue robot is widely used in the automobile production line. Adhesion technology can be used in the automobile to increase the automobile structure safety, rust prevention and other situations.
There is only one disadvantage of glue robot compared with human, that is, the cost is higher when you buy it, but this disadvantage will be ignored after you read it, and in the long run, you will find that the glue robot is more cost-effective.
视觉涂胶机器人 The use of glue robot can greatly increase the production efficiency, needless to say, but also reduce the risk of defective products due to human errors. In the long run, the glue robot will save more costs.
After reading the above, do you think it's cost-effective or artificial?