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Semi automatic flashlight double liquid dispensing machine

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The flashlight double liquid dispensing machine is a semi-automatic dispensing machine, which adopts the manual dispensing mode, and the glue output is controlled by the machine. It is famous for its low cost. It can solve some dispensing technologies that can not be reached manually. For example, the flashlight double liquid dispensing machine can put two kinds of glue machines out at the same time, and then mix them, and then dispensing, which is convenient or improved. After all, it can control the glue Achieve automatic mode.
There are four types of flashlight double liquid dispensing machine, the specifications of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. Other specifications are not available. The specifications are relatively small, but also to match the glue. The commonly used specifications in the market are these. The matching flashlight is also these types, with strong pertinence and easy selection.
The combination of machine and manual dispensing machine is relatively simple. The combination: 982 + flashlight + foot switch + mixing tube. The combination is very simple. As long as these are combined together, the combination can be realized, and then the dispensing syringe is connected, the dispensing can be carried out, and the use is very convenient, not to be used. The flashlight double liquid dispensing machine is a simple automatic dispensing machine Dynamic instead of automatic dispensing platform.
The function of the manual dispensing machine is for some manufacturers, which do not need a large number of dispensing. Such manufacturers are in line with the use of this machine, because the cost is relatively low, the price is about 300, so they can buy one back. We also sell the flashlight double liquid dispensing machine. In Alibaba, the name is Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment Co., Ltd.