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Large visual automatic dispensing machine

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At present the production of various industries in China is moving towards the development of automated production line, automatic production line of high quality is an important index of production manufacturers are pursuing, large-scale vision dispensing machine belongs to a high performance automatic dispensing equipment, some glue can help the user to perform a variety of different demands, the rejection rate is high and the low rate of material transformation at present, the production line of large objects generally use the dispensing equipment.
This visual automatic dispensing machine uses a super large structure to create, super large work plane can perform a large number of dispensing work, through the visual control system to ensure dispensing path accuracy and high quality, completely replace the artificial dispensing mode. Very easy to use, the operator can use a hand-held teach box of visual automatic dispensing machine working parameters change, can perform a single computer or even a single machine dispensing mode, through the USB interface transmission more convenient for data management, the transfer speed is also easy to use features of the dispensing equipment.
Large visual automatic dispensing machine can work by loading parts to strengthen the effect of dispensing, can with solenoid valve, vacuum suction valve, double valve rubber valve working fluid, used in various automatic production industry work outstanding effect, visual automatic dispensing machine installation according to the instruction can be executed as long as.
Visual automatic dispensing machine through the design of the super large work to further enhance the work life, can withstand the impact of visual detection accuracy is very high, so the glue dispensing machine more uniform docking effect, whether it is the implementation of surface sealing work or underfill work should ease, is a practical dispensing equipment fast and cost.