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Automatic syringe dispenser

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  Our main products are dispensing equipment and locking screw equipment, among which desktop machine is a mature performance machine, which makes excellent dispensing effect with simple structure. Today's small edition will introduce a full-automatic dispensing equipment of our company called syringe dispensing machine, which uses the function storage device of dispensing syringe to carry out multi-functional dispensing.

  Features of automatic syringe dispenser

  1. The composition is particularly simple. On the original desktop platform, the dispensing needle cylinder and dispensing controller can be added for dispensing.
  2. With straight line, point, irregular curve, circle and arc dispensing technology, three-axis mechanical linkage effect is good.
  3. The dispensing needle cylinder is simple and more convenient to control the dispensing. It's suitable to dispense a small amount of product in the earphone dispensing.
  4、 It has the function of suction and dispensing to avoid dispensing, drawing, unevenness and leakage.
  5. Fast power, three step motor, enough power, easy to control, more convenient to use.
  Each automatic dispensing machine has its own characteristics. The use of dispensing syringe acts as a storage device. Although the storage capacity of glue is small, which is its disadvantage, it can develop its advantages and avoid its disadvantages. Some industries with small amount of glue can use dispensing syringe, for example, headphone dispensing, only need to apply a little glue, and then connect the horn. The daily use is very small. Generally, three to four pieces of glue are used, and piston is used The pressure barrel is a waste of glue. The minimum piston pressure barrel is 1L, while the needle barrel is 30ml or 55ml. It's more than 200ml of glue every day. It's rarely used. It's not good to use the piston pressure barrel.
  Headphone dispensing is only one of the application industries of the syringe dispensing machine, such as data line, headphone line, electronic board, computer, etc., which can be used in the full-automatic dispensing machine. It can also be modified according to the requirements of the industry to replace the syringe with a piston pressure barrel, which is also very simple. It does not take three minutes. The mechanical structure is the same, but the dispensing method has changed. The arc dispensing technology is only available Three axis dispensing equipment can be developed.
  The price of the syringe dispenser is lower than that of other machines. The syringe is low in cost and easy to replace. One syringe can be used for one day. After the glue solidifies, it can't be used. Otherwise, it can be used all the time. For example, the headphone dispenser uses Uvglue, and the glue can't solidify if it needs to be irradiated by ultraviolet light. The dispenser that stores Uvglue can be used together.