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Large Longmen visual automatic glue dispenser

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The function of Longmen large-scale automatic dispensing machine is complete, can be used in the industry more, and collocation vision automatic dispensing system, for dispensing in more industries, is a more powerful dispensing equipment, in fact, from their parameters can find the dispensing machine is more powerful, combined with the domestic and foreign technology dispensing machine crafted in function than other dispenser much better.
Visual positioning system and the power motor system, the first one is a visual device using the latest technology research and development in Germany, the second developed in Japan is stepping motor and servo motor, the two is the use of foreign advanced technology to create, can accurately scan and control point glue glue point; motor is output as a large automatic the dispensing power, also can control the amount of glue output, can control the running speed accurately.
In addition to the core technology of foreign and domestic technology, after years of development, the development of quality technology, domestic dispensing machine manufacturing such as: automatic system, heating system, transmission system platform lights, etc. These are the results of years of development, there are some large automatic dispensing machine parts, the core of these things together we can accomplish a large Longmen vision dispensing machine.
In addition to large Longmen dispensing system, there are many parts, these parts and auxiliary dispenser for dispensing and control, such as injection valve, guide, mechanical arm, such as liquid crystal display, which is composed of large automatic dispensing machine accessories, can also increase the glue dispensing effect.
The use of these accessories and systems can control the dispensing accuracy and speed in the industry needs, the maximum speed can reach 500mm/s, each acceleration can control 0.5g, repeatability can be controlled at + 0.02mm, whatever the dispensing requirements can be met.