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Visual automatic glue dispenser

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Visual type automatic dispensing machine is a kind of visual dispensing machine, but this also belongs to the small dispenser dispensing machine, and other visual dispensing machine is not the same, covers an area of less, of course not large-scale vision automatic dispensing machine is complete, function is much better than other dispensing, dispensing technology is better than general dispensing in the visual system, it makes the application scope, dispensing machine is relatively large.
The dispensing machine belongs to the desktop automatic dispensing machine, because the desktop dispensing machine is this kind of medium dispensing equipment, so it is called desktop, desktop can be applied to the pipeline dispensing machine, can also be applied to single production, is a flexible dispensing equipment.
The general visual dispenser is to control the computer, but the visual type automatic dispensing machine is used for hand-held programmer control, image conversion by computer for a microcomputer, although smaller, but the function did not change, but also easy to use, this is the advantage of visual type automatic dispensing machine.
Desktop dispensing machine does not need to use a set of stepper motors and three sets of servo motors as power system. It only needs to use a set of stepper motors, so that it can make the visual automatic dispensing machine dispensing task, and it can save expenses.
In addition to these dispensing machines, the jet valve is also used. This is the best valve at present. With good valve dispensing effect, it will be better. So accessories are especially important for dispensing machines. Large visual dispensers are expensive because they use more accessories.
The dispensing speed of the visual automatic dispensing machine can reach 600mm/sec. It belongs to the fastest equipment of the desktop automatic dispensing machine, which is basically used for dispensing in the electronics industry. The production of electronic products not only needs speed, but also needs better quality.