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Desktop precision automatic glue dispenser

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Desktop type precision automatic dispensing machine is a genus of two dispensing equipment in the market, the most top technology crafted, able to control the amount of glue glue, can also control the second unit of time can be better glue, use glue and glue can prevent function, can complete dispensing more tasks for the enterprise, dispensing effect has to be satisfied, so the automatic dispensing machine manufacturing technology.
The dispensing machine now can be divided into large dispensing machines and desktop type automatic dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine usually control the MCU and computer system, desktop type precision automatic dispensing machine is the use of some single chip technology, most of them are using a hand-held controller, automatic dispensing machine operation control is relatively simple, but the function will use the comparison of SCM to be worse, compared with the main application in the production of small and medium-sized enterprises.
The two ways are all have their own advantages, the use of the price with the dispensing machine accessories have a great relationship, so the single price will be relatively expensive handheld, the use of two kinds of automatic dispenser for dispensing are possible, hand-held controller than desktop style simple, do not need to enter the dispensing parameters can complete dispensing tasks, and only careful study, can be familiar with the dispenser.
The precision of the desktop precision automatic glue dispenser is higher than the other glue dispenser, and the general precision is only 0.1mm. The precision dispenser can reach 0.001mm, which is 100 times the number of other dispensers. Otherwise, it will not have the title of precision dispensing machine. The repeatability of dispensing can reach 0.02, which is a normal error range. These are the advantages of automatic dispensing machine.