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The use of large automatic glue dispenser for mobile phone s

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Mobile phone is from known things, the number of mobile phone production per year has reached billions of units, mobile phone shell needs a large number of mobile phone shell production has also become a hot industry at present, but the production process is very difficult, many companies are only looking at the cake but not enough to eat, large automatic dispensing machine now by the automatic system the production of mobile phone shell can solve the dispensing technology needs, meet the needs of enterprises.
Mobile phone shell production special emphasis on quality and beautiful appearance, because the mobile phone appearance on behalf of the mobile phone is in accordance with the requirements of the public, very intuitive show the quality problem of mobile phone, also the relationship between manufacturers of mobile phone sales, so the production of mobile phone shell, not all of the dispenser can be, is generally the dispensing process needs to have large automatic dispensing machine it can be applied to the mobile phone case dispensing.
What kind of dot glue technology can be used in large automatic glue dispenser? We first need to understand the large dispensing machine configuration, the best fitting is positioning system and detection system, such two ways to solve the problem and the configuration of the offset dispensing, dispensing valve, strictly control the large volume of the plastic dispensing machine, so there will be no glue glue outflow point range.
Or is the large automatic dispensing control technology, automatic identification function, long time work, will not appear Z axis offset problems, to achieve twenty-four hours of production mode, and will not appear glue plug, because of the large automatic dispensing machine can use the automatic cleaning function, after the work is completed, press the automatic cleaning function, you can the inside of the glue removal, convenient cleaning in place, don't worry about the jam problem.