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Base station box using large multi axis glue dispenser to sp

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The base station box is a kind of application of radiation transfer tower, cable, WeiXing Railway Station, as long as related to the emission of the signal basically are required to use the base box, this product is also a large multi axis dispensing machine can be used in the industry, the electronic industry with large multi axis automatic dispensing machine have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, is to point to the point or line to line the dispensing mode, the use of large dispensing machine is quite good for these industry.
Large multi axis automatic dispensing machine used in the base station box is used for packaging, can be done at the same time of dispensing two products, it also accelerated the speed of packaging, packaging and dispensing speed effect is very good, the base station box is generally exposed outside, need to have the use of large multi axis waterproof glue machine good performance of the electronic industry, the manufacturing process using technology determines the strength of waterproof.
In a base station box dispensing and electronic industry as the reason, is to strengthen the effect of the use of glue, base station box can use manual dispensing, dispensing and dispensing speed but the quality is not reached, the use of large automatic dispensing machine has good effect, is conducive to the improvement of enterprise sales, also enabling enterprises to build their own brands finally, manufacturers will be more and more enterprises. ,
Large multi spindle dispensing machine can control the size of the glue, and adjust the glue according to the needs of the industry. It can continuously glue out 300ml per minute, or use stepper motor to drive the dispenser's power source, strong dispensing, and make the adhesive more smooth.
The base station compartment is not a business in use, but large enterprises choose this way of dispensing, the use of large multi axis dispensing machine, or a good choice, for manufacturing enterprises with more value, more is to meet the needs of the customer with the ordinary factory only to the immediate interests of different companies can go farther than they.