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Selection of multi axis automatic glue dispenser for battery

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The battery box is a storage management and use of the tool, by placing the batteries in the battery box, providing equipment as power, the practical application is very important in the production of battery box needs to be applied to the dispensing process, glue the battery box has a complete seal after the sealing effect of higher ability anti Corrosion Erosion for long-term use, the application of multi axis automatic dispensing machine is essential.
Multi axis automatic dispensing machine adopts the imported stepper motor as the driving mode, the dispensing efficiency higher and more stable, multi axis dispensing can help the user to reduce the input of human resource cost, error prone to reduce manual operation when used for dispensing, dispensing with the valve should be used more glue dispensing, support teaching box dispensing path programming connection operation, Chinese operation interface more convenient operation, with area array programming dispensing function, the production efficiency and product quality are improved accordingly.
The battery box to ensure the glue dispensing can be evenly coated on the bonding surface, and the amount of glue can not be too much and affect the normal use of the battery box, the multi axis automatic dispensing function more effectively control the quantity of cement, glue precision, parameters can be adjusted freely dispensing time, dispensing speed, glue effect is stable in order to complete the uniform dispensing of the battery box, not overflow glue leakage influence production problems.
Application of multi axis automatic dispensing machine is very wide, fixed protection link package link, electronic components can be applied to semiconductor products, strong bonding between products can be achieved by multi axis automatic dispensing machine, according to the actual production needs but also a variety of commonly used parts of dispensing stowage.