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Longmen crystal glue dispenser compatible with crystal glue

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Crystal glue coating machine is basically made of gantry structure, also known as gantry crystal glue coating machine, the use of the industry is relatively large, the need for more glue, just like the crystal album dripping glue and glass glue, are relatively large products, one-time to produce several, intelligent use gantry glue coating Machine production, small machines can not produce a product at a time, it is better to use artificial dispensing.
Crystal glue adhered to the right machine.
Crystal glue bonding using pneumatic dispensing valve, this is a relatively large amount of glue valve, the most suitable for glass coating, however, the general glass is relatively large, like crystal album, there are large and small, the use of large gantry type crystal glue coating machine, basically meet the production needs, without causing changes in product size Inch, resulting in unusable, although the price of gantry crystal glue dispensing machine is more expensive than the general dispensing equipment, but this equipment also has its unique, that is, the glue coating effect is good, can be used in the glue dripping and filling industry.
涂胶机 Manufacture of Longmen crystal adhesive
水晶涂胶机 The gantry type crystal gluing machine is manufactured by the mechatronics technology, the most advanced gluing system in China and the electronic control technology are used to realize the seamless gluing technology of crystal album. The technology that can be used is not only the gluing technology, but also the gluing technology. This is the advantage of gantry gluing machine. What will be produced?
Crystal glue dispenser
The most important part of gantry glue coating machine is power. The larger machine needs enough power to achieve better control of crystal glue bonding requirements. The largest load type of this equipment can reach 10 kg, the platform area can reach 1000mm * 600 * 100, a special proportion, so as to maximize the storage of crystal albums. It can also give the staff time to put the product, and the maximum movement speed of gantry crystal glue machine is between 800/320, rapid production is our pursuit.