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Floor type visual automatic dispensing machine

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Is a large floor type dispensing equipment, with strong functions, mainly to the diversification of products production enterprises should, in many industries are using the floor type visual automatic dispensing machine, such as mobile phone, LED, electronics, toys, medical equipment and so on, can the dispensing or packaging industries, is a function of more powerful equipment.
Floor type visual automatic dispensing machine is powerful in its way to build and configure, many dispensing machine is used as auxiliary high-tech parts dispensing, it can be beneficial to increase the precision and accuracy of control and dispensing glue dispensing machine for large, this is advantageous to install different accessories, dispensing mode than the general multi dispensing machine the function is the same.
The most important is the computer system, visual system, control system, the three system is the most important, because the floor type visual automatic dispensing machine is with the three kinds of system as the core, other parts to support, build a perfect complementary floor type visual dispensing machine.
The error of using these systems can make the visual dispensing precision may reach 0.005mm, the error of repeated dispensing in + 0.02mm, meet the requirements of these parts must be precise dispensing accuracy, have high accuracy, but the speed can keep in 350mm/sec to 550mm/ sec, can have such a fast rate for power system have three sets of auxiliary motor of floor type automatic dispensing machine operation.
The floor type automatic dispensing machine is the most outstanding features of the visual system, visual camera is Germany's top equipment R & D and create, with detection and positioning function, in the mobile phone or electronic dispensing, automatic dispensing machine vision system needs the product positioning, this kind of glue will not appear error and bad products, not automatic dispensing machine vision system, it is difficult to use these industries.