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PVC dispensing machine with visual location and dispensing e

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  PVC glue has good working advantages in sealing, heat resistance, adhesive performance and so on. PVC visual dispensing machine will be used to dispensing production in the dispensing links of mobile phone wiring. Precision.

  Visual positioning and dispensing effect of PVC visual dispensing machine

  Visual positioning dispensing effect can only be achieved by visual dispensing system. To achieve visual positioning dispensing effect, visual dispensing positioning system is configured in PVC visual dispensing machine. In the process of dispensing, the amount of PVC glue needed is relatively large. The mobile phone dispensing links the motherboard and screen of the mobile phone. The demand for glue strength is relatively high. The demand for glue quantity of large-scale visual dispensing machine is also relatively high, but the PVC glue with strong bonding effect and with. PVC visual dispensing machine with visual location and dispensing effect can meet the demand of mobile phone line production.

  PVC vision dispenser for mobile phone line dispensing

  PVC visual dispensing machine is a kind of large-scale visual dispensing machine. It can realize multi-axis synchronous operation when working. It can effectively improve dispensing efficiency by applying it in dispensing links of mobile phone. PVC glue is made of inflammable material, easy to burn when it is in contact with high temperature, so we need to be more careful in the use of PVC glue in the process of dispensing mobile phone wiring, if we find that the glue is thick, we can add some glue to dilute, reduce the concentration of PVC glue. When working with PVC vision dispenser, you can check the progress of the work through the LCD screen.
  PVC visual dispensing machine with visual positioning effect is widely used in electronic production, building equipment manufacturing, pipe fittings and other industries besides the application in dispensing links of mobile phone wiring.