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A two component glue filling machine with good ratio of glue

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Two-component dispensing machine is a very common dispensing equipment on the market, mainly using dual-component and mixed glue machine, can achieve dispensing accuracy is not high, demand by dispensing needle control dispensing accuracy, so can not be used in very sophisticated industries dispensing tasks, this two-component dispensing machine also has its own want Characteristics.
Special glue, special accessories.
The parts used in the glue filling machine are relatively fixed, such as the need to use a two-component dispensing valve and mixing pipe needle, other parts do not meet the key requirements, of course, there are some special circumstances, the two-component glue filling machine is mainly based on the glue properties to determine the use of accessories, some glue is a two-component, but the need to use a specific glue valve, such as Silicone gel, in the automobile flasher filling need to use silicone valve filling, otherwise there will be blockage. The glue filling machine should meet the requirements of glue and industry.
Automotive flasher irrigation
The double-component glue filling machine for automobile flasher meets the requirements of production, and the parts have been replaced to meet the requirements of organic silicone production. This is the advantage of the manufacturer with independent research and development ability. The parts of the two-component glue filling machine can be changed at any time according to the requirements of customers, and the performance will be biased to the industry. Production.
Basic performance of glue filling machine
The two-component glue filling machine adopts the power mixing drum to mix the glue initially, and then uses the two-component dispensing valve to mix the final glue with the static mixing pipe. Three steps can make the glue eventually reach a more perfect mixing degree and strengthen the glue stability; the ejection speed can reach 0.1g/sec~50g/sec, according to the steam. The glue filling quantity of the flasher is required to set the glue value, and the control mode is a constant control system, which can realize the function of uniform glue filling.
If you need a good glue ratio of two-component glue filling machine, you can choose and buy in the manufacturer, both standard glue filling machine, but also non-standard glue filling machine, can achieve organic silicone glue filling, but also can achieve AB glue filling, simple and easy to use, price concessions, we are adhering to good service and sincerity Trust is good for the market.