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China's year-end big discount, super cheap desktop glue mach

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Desktop glue dispenser is a kind of three-axis dispensing machine manufactured in China. It belongs to the standard machine, also known as 221 dispensing machine. After being used in some relatively simple industries, such as WiFi box coating, letter mosaic, water meter dispensing and so on, the standard dispensing machine will be used in industries that have no requirements for dispensing technology. Production is done because the production cost is low.
Super cheap bench glue machine
In order to thank our customers for their help, we have launched an event, which is the year-end special offer. The price of standard desktop glue machines has been reduced by 8.8 thousand units from 11,000 yuan. It is a special price. Only the big discount price at the end of the year of the mid-system is the best price. After that, there will be no such price, although in the dispensing equipment, desktop glue machines are the best price. The size of the glue machine is small, but it does not mean that its performance is poor. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01 mm, and the production speed can reach 400 mm/s. It is only a reduction in volume, but not in accessories.
Choosing glue dispenser is not the more expensive, the better, but the best. We buy Desktop glue dispenser in order to meet the needs of production. Buying large dispenser is not only a waste of money, production may be hindered or not easy to use, and so on. These problems will occur, although expensive machines. Apparatus, dispensing accuracy will be better than the lower price, but there is a big difference between using thousands of pieces of machine and tens of thousands of pieces, using a low price, and can finish dispensing, why not?
Technical parameters of bench glue machine
Desktop glue machine adopts imported solenoid valve and small stepping motor as power system. Constant control system is still used in the system. The dispensing path can be designed by using the handle. It is very simple and convenient. If you are familiar with a glue machine, it only takes two or three minutes to debug the dispensing program, which is very convenient. The requirements for operators are very low.
To buy 221 standard glue machines, please buy them from the middle-sized manufacturers. We will provide you with the most favorable price. Whether after-sales or debugging machines, they are lifelong services.