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Automatic automatic visual dispensing machine can be made in

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Visual intelligent dispensing machine can realize visual positioning and full automation dispensing. It has super high dispensing control technology. It belongs to one of the highest dispensing equipments in China. It will not produce in large quantities. Basic equipments need to be customized, or if there is demand every month, it will produce in advance. Otherwise, it can only customize and produce vision. The technology of intelligent dispensing machine can be very high, and the general manufacturers can not meet their requirements.
视觉www.668866.com Advantages of using visual dispensing machine
1, fully automated production mode
2. Automatic cleaning method.
3, HD dispensing technology and visual positioning technology
4, humanized dispensing operation procedures
5, automatic identification of product dispensing quality
These are the dispensing advantages of visual intelligent dispensing machine in the original dispensing machine. The special automatic mode will make the production speed faster. Without manual parameter dispensing task, visual dispensing machine can play a speed of 800mm/sec, so that dispensing speed has a faster effect.
Accessories for intelligent dispensing machine
Of course, the visual intelligent dispensing machine is not only these characteristics, but also the main importance of dispensing accessories. Simply explain the core accessories of the intelligent dispensing machine for you.
1. High speed dispensing valve
2, CCD vision positioning controller
3. Closed loop stepper motor
4. PLC programming system and computer
5, screw controller and motor
6. Dispensing quality testing device
This is a part of the core parts of the visual intelligent dispensing machine, mainly control the amount of glue accessories, as well as accessories filled with glue, these are core accessories, are components contributing to the accuracy of dispensing, the selection of dispensing equipment mainly depends on accessories, the more advanced accessories, the better the effect will be, if high-end dispensing requirements are met. It is the use of high-end accessories, visual dispensing machine can achieve such dispensing accuracy, with dispensing effect inseparable.
Applicable industries
Visual intelligent dispensing machine can also be widely applied.
1, copper plate lacquer
2, FPC soft board
3, camera module
4, mobile phone dispensing
5, IC chip packaging
The basic high-precision dispensing industry can basically adopt, that is, the performance of visual intelligent dispensing machine, other types of dispensing equipment can hardly achieve such effect, that is, visual dispensing machine can achieve, high-quality dispensing technology, will bring better dispensing effect itself, this is our pursuit of neutralization, choose me. Let's make it