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Desktop visually dispensing machine produced by manufacturer

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Desktop visual dispensing machine is one of the best types of small dispensing equipment. It does not have the bulkiness of large dispensing equipment, but has dispensing technology of large dispensing equipment. It can still meet the needs of production, and can complete dispensing requirements with very high precision. The worst dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01 mm, while the production speed can be improved. Enough to reach 800mm/sec.
Core accessories with large dispensing equipment
桌面式视觉点胶机 In some industries, the cost of using large dispensing equipment is relatively high, so we simplify the large dispensing equipment and leave some unnecessary dispensing accessories, such as automatic cleaning system, three servo motors (with one step motor), external dispensing pressure barrel and so on. We keep visual dispensing system, precision dispensing valve and computer. Let it retain the dispensing speed and control ability, there is no change in the LCD backlight dispensing, but the use of the industry will change.
Machine parameters
Although there are not many parts of large dispensing equipment, dispensing performance is still the same. Talk to you about the technical parameters of desktop visual dispensing machine manufactured in Shenzhen.
桌面喷射式点胶机 Itinerary: 400mm*400mm*100
Weight: 100kg
Maximum speed: 800mm/sec
Control system: constant control system + computer control + visual control system.
Driving mode: stepping motor, ball screw, synchronous belt and linear guide.
Voltage: 220V
There are also many industries that can be applied. This is also one of the advantages of desktop vision dispensers.
Application industry
LCD backlight dispensing, electronic component dispensing, chip dispensing, mobile phone dispensing, medical dispensing, automobile dispensing and so on, can use this desktop dispensing machine, dispensing technology certainly need not worry, we have such technology, but also can meet the needs of different industries, such as point, line. Round, curve and so on, can be achieved, high-precision dispensing technology will make dispensing effect better.